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The award winning Climacube Prime Water Heating System offers the very latest energy saving heat technology, dramatically reducing running costs, increasing customer usage, reducing your carbon footprint and enabling customers to enjoy the Hot Tub, Spa, or Swimspa all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost. Unlike conventional heat systems, Climacube will heat hot tub or spa in around 4-5 hours from cold with a consumption of only 1KW per/hour with a COP of over 3.5 in minus temperatures – meaning a dramatic reduction in your annual energy costs.

Available as a stand-alone unit the Climacube can be retro- fitted or included as a preinstalled feature if required. Based on a thermo-dynamic patented technology, working off a 13 amp supply the revolutionary Climacube is supplied with all the appropriate European wide accreditations and is supplied, serviced and available throughout Europe.


Climacube design, develop and produce ground breaking, energy efficient Hot Tub, Spa, Swimspa and Swimming Pool Water Heating Systems. Utilising patented thermodynamic technology that dramatically reduces the power consumption required to heat or maintain heat over conventional heating systems. Saving up to 60% time on heat up and up to 80% less power. Saving customers time, energy and money, while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

With hundreds of installations across the UK, our landmark Climacube products have been recognised by the industry, winning the converted UK Pool & Spa Awards ‘Spa Product of the Year 2019’ and ‘Energy Efficient Product of the Year 2019’. Providing a ringing endorsement of our revolutionary Climacube water heating technology and its money saving benefits.

RELIABLE THERMODYNAMIC WATER HEATING SOLUTIONS The Climacube range has undergone rigorous evaluation throughout the design and production process at our purpose built factory-testing facility. Which can accurately produce a working environment temperature range of 40 degrees to -25 degrees if required. By replicating accurate working conditions ensures our brands are market leaders. Solving any performance or reliability issues for our customers on test rather than in situ and allows Climacube to guarantee quality with our industry leading warranties.

We believe it is this attention to detail, investment in the highest quality testing facility and production control procedures, ensures our groundbreaking and innovative products are of the utmost quality and reliability.

REDUCES YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT By dramatically reducing the energy required to heat your Hot Tub, Spa, Swimspa or Swimming Pool will result in much lower power usage on heat up and continuous use, dramatically reducing the impact on the environment. The Climacube has full CE European Accreditation and A+ EPC Certification

***Installation: Standard Installation***

The displayed price is a guideline only, based on a standard close coupled setup. Every tub, it's environment and requirements are different. Please contact us to discuss this further. Standard Installation is Subject to Site Survey, terms & conditions and location.


Electrical Requirements - What do I need for my hot tub?

We have Hot Tubs that can be run from a standard 13 amp socket...these are normally single pump tubs. 

Twin pump Hot Tubs need a dedicated 32 amp power supply to be installed at your house. What does this really mean? Well, you would need to get an electrician to visit and present him with our electrical requirements guidelines which you can download in PDF format below. Show him where you would like your new Hot Tub and ask him for a quotation. The cost of this can vary and it all depends on your individual property. The distance from the house is also a factor in this calculation.

Electrical Installation Guidelines

  1. The power supplied to the spa must be a dedicated circuit with no other appliances connected.
  2. The spa must be permanently connected (hard wired) to the power supply.
  3. No plug-in connections or extension leads are to be used.
  4. A 30ma RCD (residual current circuit device) must be installed at the power supply in the property.
  5. The spa must be supplied with 32 amp feed 220/240 volts.
  6. A 32 amp circuit breaker should be installed and clearly marked "spa".
  7. The spa should be fed with a 6mm 3-core steel wire armoured cable.
  8. Isolation should be via a 32amp 2-pole rotary weatherproof switch.
  9. The work must be carried out in accordance with the current (17th edition) IEE wiring regulations and by a qualified electrician.
  10. The cable needs to be run to the isolator switch (isolator to be sited a minimum of 2mtrs and ideally a maximum of 5mtrs from the spa) with a minimum 5-metre tail & gland sufficient for connection to the spa. This is how the installation must be left (safe) at this stage.
  11. A date and time for the final connection and testing will be arranged between ourselves and the electrician. Our Installation team will deliver and position the spa and also route the cable to the connection point. The electrician will return for final connection & testing on the day of installation.

Please note that these instructions are for guideline purposes only and any electrical work should be carried out or inspected by a qualified electrician prior to installation of the spa.


Swim spa Delivery -These are looked at on a case by case basis due to the complexity of delivery variables. Usually, a crane is required. We specialise in minimising and subsidising this cost. We also have several delivery/crane companies we partner with

Hot Tub Delivery –We offer free delivery and installation on all of our hot tubs within 50 miles **

Hot tub deliveries outside this area can still be free!  Give us a call to discuss your individual requirements…..

** Terms and conditions apply

The hot tub will be delivered on its side on a trolley….No lifting can be done. Small steps can be overcome with the use of ramps. If you suspect you need a crane, call us to discuss, we organise quite a few lifts it may not be as expensive as you think!

Installation Requirements:

What would normally happen in this section is companies would ask you to learn and understand the size of the tub, how it will be delivered, then………. make you decide if it will fit in.

US…let’s do it together….. Site Survey is a must!  We don’t always need to attend your address, after all it’s not 1999 anymore. Facetime, Skype and Google maps and 99% of the time we can get all the info we need. Send us a short video clip of your access… Getting a tub should be fun not a hassle, choosing us helps with that process from start to finish….

For those of you who like visualise how its delivered then these pictures should help, We’ll get a video done soon to take you through the process……


We said we would do a video....This one had a crane (which is additional cost) although not normally required, more importantly the video shows all the other equipment and how the spa is transported on our dolly.

 HSG282 Extra info for Holiday Lets/Holiday Parks

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